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About Us

Megafresh is an online marketplace and fulfillment service for food and groceries grown and made by small farmers and producers.

Megafresh is not a retailer. All the product listings and prices are created and set by the farmers and producers. When you buy your groceries on Megafresh you are dealing with the farmers and people who actually make the products, it's like a farmers market, but online, and unlike farmers markets, it's open 24/7.

Megafresh provides the online marketplace for buyers and sellers to come together, we also provide the warehousing, fulfillment and delivery for all the products that are listed and at least 65 cents in every dollar spent goes to the seller.

When a seller lists their product they also send their product to our warehouse for storage, this means that when we receive your order we can pick and pack products from multiple sellers and put them into 1 box on behalf of all the sellers. That's important because when buying groceries we usually purchase many different products made by many different producers and who wants to pay for multiple deliveries? So now you can buy your groceries direct from multiple farmers but get them in 1 delivery, for free!

The Megafresh marketplace was launched in 2017 and currently delivers all products to Victoria, Sydney Metro, Adelaide Metro and Canberra metro and delivers non perishable goods nationwide.

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