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Q. Is Megafresh just a listing service like eBay?

A. No. Megafresh does provide an online market place but also provides warehousing and fulfillment services on behalf of all sellers. All products listed on the marketplace are stored at our fulfillment centres ready to be picked and delivered to customers on behalf of sellers.


Q. What services does Megafresh provide?

A. Our services include the following:

  1. Website listing with 24/7 reach to customers nationwide
  2. Warehouse storage of your products, Ambient, refrigerated and frozen. All products are stored at our fulfillment centre.
  3. Pick and pack service as orders come in
  4. Delivery service to your customers anywhere in Victoria, and soon also NSW and SA. Same day Melbourne metro, next day all other areas.

Q. I have my own website that I use to sell my products; why would I want to sell though Megafresh?

A. Megafresh is designed to be used by consumers for their weekly grocery shop.

  • When consumers do their weekly shop they usually purchase 20-50 separate items that are made by a number of companies and farmers.

  • Consumers do occasionally purchase special one-off items from specialist websites that only sell the products made by that company, but they usually will not do so as part of their regular weekly shop.

  • This is because it is inconvenient to go to several separate websites to complete ones weekly grocery shopping and is the reason why the large supermarkets are so successful as they have many products by many brands in the 1 place.

  • There is also the issue of delivery and cost. If a consumer purchases their weekly groceries from several separate websites they will also need to pay several lots of delivery fees and also receive several separate deliveries. This is expensive and inconvenient.

  • Megafresh removes this problem by aggregating all sellers products into 1 warehouse so they can be delivered together, in 1 box and at no cost to the buyer.

Q. What fees does Megafresh charge?

A. The fees we charge sellers vary depending on the category which can range from 15% to 35% of the listed price.

Q. Can you give me an example of your fees?

A. For a typical order worth $50 our fee of 15% would come to $7.50.

Q. Are your commissions high?

A. It isn't when you consider the services we are providing. It normally costs more than $7.50 just to deliver a box of product by courier, not to mention the other services mentioned above that we provide.

Q. I'm a farmer and I normally sell at wholesale; can I make more money selling on Megafresh?

A. Yes! Megafresh is a platform that allows producers to sell at RETAIL NOT WHOLESALE meaning that the commission is charged on the retail sale price.

  • For example, if you normally wholesale a box of apples for $28, the retailer will typically then sell them at about $60.

  • If you were selling them at $60 via Megafresh you would pocket $39 after our fee instead of $28.

  • That is an increase of $11.00 or over 39% to the seller.

Q. I sell at farmers' markets, why would I want to sell on Megafresh?

A. Megafresh supports farmers' markets.

  • Farmers' markets are a great way to connect with consumers, they create a great local vibe, are a great way to promote your brand and we highly recommend sellers continue to attend and support farmers markets.

  • However, many consumers are not able to make it to a farmers market

  • Many consumers would like to buy from sellers at times when the farmers market is not on, like after work on a Wednesday.

  • Megafresh is convenient. It allows sellers to reach customers who are not able to make it to a market at any given time and

  • Megafresh allows sellers to keep selling when farmers markets are not on.

  • Selling via Megafresh also allows sellers to keep selling even when they are sleeping.

Q. OK. So how do I start selling on Megafresh?

A. Just click "Join Us" at the top right of the home page and click on "Create a store account". The fill out the form and click "Join Us". You are now able to create your product listings. - To create a product listing just click "Place an ad" and follow the steps. Finish by clicking save and your listing will be immediately live. - You must then send your products to the Megafresh Fulfillment Centre so it is available to pick, pack and deliver to your customers.

Q. Why do I need to send my products to your warehouse?

A. We strive to achieve same day or next day delivery on all our orders. We need the stock in the warehouse to we can deliver the product in the shortest amount of time.

  • We also need your stock so we can aggregate it with other products that customers order. This reduces shipping costs and is more convenient for the customer and will allow the customer to use the platform for their weekly shop.


Q. What areas does Megafresh deliver to?

A. We currently deliver on behalf of all sellers to Melbourne, Regional Victoria, Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide.

Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. Yes. There is a minimum order of $60 for Melbourne deliveries and $80 for all other areas.

Q. Is delivery free?

A. Yes! Delivery is free to all areas.

Q. What is the cut off time for same day delivery?

A. We need to receive your order by 9am for same day delivery to Metro Melbourne. If we receive your order after 9am you will receive your order the following day. NOTE: We currently do not deliver on Fridays and Saturdays, so orders received after 9am Thursday will be delivered on Sunday.

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